About Us

Wonowon School is a rural elementary and jr secondary school (k-9) located at mile 101 of the historic Alaska Highway, 90 km north of Fort St. John. The school has four teachers, one of whom acts as head teacher; one educational assistant and shares a Principal with Upper Halfway school. Wonowon has a student population of 45, approximately 90% of our student population is English Language Learners from families who’s first language is Russian or German.  The school has three classrooms for student use as well as a gym and outdoor play area, including a skating rink. The large field and ice rink can be used for a variety of outdoor activities including hockey and broomball.

The school community, is a very close knit community of very large and extended families. The students spend a great deal of time together outside of school time. The closeness creates a unique dynamic throughout the school and the older students have a strong influence over the younger students. The community and PAC is very supportive of the school and is willing to work with the staff for the benefit of the children and the school.